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The Keck-UNM Small-Animal Imaging Resource (KUSAIR) is a shared resource, located at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, supported by the UNM Cancer Center, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Center. This research facility performs functional in vivo PET/SPECT/CT imaging in small-animals. 


  • Research: To provide high quality, cost- effective, and customer-specific services to investigators that will advance their research efforts.
  • Collaboration: To promote collaborations between different disciplines related to animal models in research such as basic biology, drug discovery and development, medicine, engineering, biostatistics, and imaging.
  • Education & Training: To provide education to investigators considering animal models and imaging experiments and needing assistance with experimental design, protocol preparation, and data analysis. To provide hands-on training and technical expertise related to animal models and imaging.

KUSAIR is a 750 sq ft laboratory adjoining radiopharmaceutical sciences laboratories located in the basement of the UNM College of Pharmacy. The Resource is located in close proximity to the UNM Animal Resource Facilities.

Please use the following acknowledgment on any published data collected at the Keck-UNM Small-Animal Imaging Resource:

Data was generated in the Keck-UNM Small-Animal Imaging Resource Shared Resource Center supported by the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center, the UNM Cancer Center, and UNM College of Pharmacy. Grant numbers: NIH P30CA118100-06

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KUSAIR Brochure

The KUSAIR was established through a grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation and is supported by the NCI-designated UNM Cancer Center Support Grant (P30CA118100-06).